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Is there value in a corporate media kit?

The answer to this question can be found in the purpose of public relations, defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) as influencing, engaging and building relationships with key stakeholders across platforms to shape and frame public perception of an organization. Similarly, the purpose of a corporate media kit is to publicly position a company and its leaders in the best light for consumers.

According to seoplus+, an online press kit is a one-stop-shop for any information a media contact might need if they were to cover the company in their news outlet, but your content might also be consumed by or distributed to clients or prospects. Regardless of the audience, a media kit should be easy to locate and full of enough facts about the company to simplify the user experience and save writers time as they craft a meaningful story.
Content should be prioritized as needed and can vary depending on the industry, but the following categories are sound media kit basics:

Company Description

  • Corporate history and mission

  • Ownership information

  • Downloadable logos and associated photos

Executive Team & Subject Matter Experts

  • Bios for corporate leadership

  • Downloadable headshots

Press Library

  • History of press releases

  • Links to prior media coverage—keep this area current to stay relevant

Listing of Industry Associations

  • Links to memberships, industry partners, and events


  • Company awards and testimonials


Media contact information

Format and framework

In the past, press kits were tediously assembled with paper hard copies and camera-ready artwork. Often, they focused on a product launch and were sent by snail mail. Fortunately, times have changed. Downloadable PDFs or slides are universally acceptable since they can be consolidated in one place and are simple to use. The key is keeping resources in the media kit current.


The location for a company’s press kit is up for debate. Media purists argue the press kit should be located on a separate media portal, distinguishing news from elaborate sales messaging that might skew a story. The argument for keeping the media kit on a corporate website is rooted in consolidation and search engine optimization, delivering all traffic—journalists and consumers—to one location.

An Added Bonus

Finally, your company’s media kit can be leveraged to position executives as trusted experts in their fields. Making thought leaders available to the media and to industry associations for articles, webinars, events, or tradeshows organically increases media attention, which can then be further developed into valuable content for your company’s website and social channels.

Davis Professional Services helps clients develop a communications process, within a multi-faceted strategic marketing plan, to influence, engage and build relationships across platforms to shape a positive, trustworthy perception of the organization. Our team can help you leverage all your marketing assets in tandem to win and keep clients and achieve your sales goals. Visit our website and contact us today at www.davisprofessional.net.

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